Fascinating channels of data bring unique insights. All in one place.


Deploy to spreadsheets Excel + Sheets & messengers Twitter + Slack


Transparent on-demand pricing makes premium content accessible.


Alternative data like weather, sports and social feeds empowers sales acceleration.

Do you build dash boards?

We’re nerds, just like you. We invented Odge for us to nerd out on everything. Weather, Traffic, whatever all delivered fresh into your models.

Data Analyst?

We’re nerds, just like you. We invented Odge for us to nerd out on everything. Weather, Traffic, whatever all delivered fresh into your models.

Financial Analysis

Build better models that update with fresh data like stock prices, commodity prices and SEC filings. Avoid tedious, error prone data entry.

Real Estate

Close deals faster and find better listings! Create beautiful comp sheets for customers, and value real estate before it reaches the market. The result? Higher profits.


Simplify the process of integrating Edgar + Price + other quality data to save time and reduce risk. Reward? Better decisions.


Win Fantasy Sports with less effort by connecting the latest scores and player stats with zero hassle. Belong to a winning team of your own design!


Save time and avoid hassle by connecting transportation times with weather to arrive at meetings on time and spend more time with the people you love.

Real Estate

Close faster by simplifying the property valuation process with less effort. Make money by providing access to beautifully designed information to clients.

About Us

Odge is a marketplace for data that empowers people to buy data that improves decision making. Connecting data buyers and sellers in familiar tools like Excel, Google Sheets, Facebook Messenger and Slack greatly increase the value of third party data.

We help real estate agents close deals, financial analysts better model the future and even help fantasy sports competitors.

We constantly strive to offer the best experience for our customers whether vendors selling data to our market, or everyday people using this data in extraordinary ways. We love hearing customer stories about how Odge changes lives. If you have one to share, please reach out to us at [email protected]

Our team lives to solve both technical and business challenges, and we always seek like smart and compassionate people passionate about our cause. If you want to join our team, reach out to us via LinkedIn.



camnewCameron is CEO of Odge. He has catalyzed, or co-founded, businesses that generate over $200m in revenue per year serving millions of customers on two continents. Previously Cameron was a leader at technology companies including Moker, Bancbox/Finxera, Rhomobile (acquired by Motorola/Google), X-fire (acquired from MTV networks), and BagCheck (acquired by Twitter). He also has over half a decade of venture capital experience with legendary firm IAVM. Cameron is a graduate of Lawrence University and holds an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.

stevenewSteve is CTO of Odge. He is the rare executive who does not just build incredible technology, but empowers companies. He played a catalytic role at Riverbed scaling from 10 to 2600 people and over a billion dollar business with a multi-billion dollar IPO. Previously he developed video compression technology that enables the video streams we all watch every night. His passsion? Aside from hiking making hard things easy to use with high performance. Dr. Smoot is a graduate of MIT and holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley.

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