Discover, Deliver and Deploy Data

Odge is a marketplace for data that empowers people to buy data that improves decision making. Connecting data buyers and sellers in familiar tools like Excel, Google Sheets, Facebook Messenger and Slack greatly increase the value of third party data.

Important Notice:

In late 2019 Odge transitioned to be an enterprise product, and no longer accepts new consumer registrations. Feel free to work with your account representative, or contact us at (415) 323-5880 if you want to change your license. 


Simplify the process of integrating Edgar + Price + other quality data to save time and reduce risk. Reward? Better decisions.

Sports Betting

Win Fantasy Sports with less effort by connecting the latest scores and player stats with zero hassle. Belong to a winning team of your own design!

Real Estate

Close faster by simplifying the property valuation process with less effort. Make money by providing access to beautifully designed information to clients.


What People Are Saying

“Odge is incredibly easy to use, but critical in helping better serve my customers.”


“I love spending time analyzing instead of data sanitation.”


“Odge is a lot of fun, and extremely useful!”


The hours I save with Odge allow me to be far more effective as both a marketer and real estate investor.