Build Custom Dashboards

Generate higher returns

Easily discover insights

With a full archive of the SEC Edgar Database easily build models which give an advantage in the market

Access your models anywhere

With data in Google Sheets, your models are accessible anywhere you can find a signal.

No more data entry errors

Some of the biggest mistakes on Wall Street are made by fat fingers. With pre-structured data increase alpha by reducing this risk.

Build models 100x faster

Hundreds of Data Channels

Global weather going back a hundred years, and predictions for the future

Traffic, Real Estate & Government Stats

Anything you want, we got it! Our data marketplace brings together the best cleansed data from across the internet. No need to build custom data structures!

Did we mention finance?

And if you want to include financial information in your models, we’ve got more than you can imagine. Updated when you need it.

The Challenge

The least glamorous part of data science is data cleansing. Identifying incomplete, incorrect, inaccurate and irrelevant data is incredibly tedious—but you know the alternative: garbage in means garbage out.

The Solution

Odge offers hundreds of channels and innumerable data sets sanitized for your protection. Because the essence of an Odge is a description of a number, instead of a number itself, you can focus on what you love doing: inferring reason through better models.