Better data means better returns

Generate higher returns

Easily discover insights

With a full archive of the SEC Edgar Database easily build models which give an advantage in the market

Access your models anywhere

With data in Google Sheets, your models are accessible anywhere you can find a signal.

No more data entry errors

Some of the biggest mistakes on Wall Street are made by fat fingers. With pre-structured data increase alpha by reducing this risk.

Manual data entry is a major pain point for financial analysts. Whether just out of college, or with years of experience after the CFA, untold hours are spent reading through SEC filings and typing numbers into spreadsheets. Odge automates this process by automatically bringing the latest information into a spreadsheet. This makes it incredibly easy to measure the performance not just of an individual company, but to rapidly assess opportunities across a portfolio.
In this example income, balance sheet and cash flow statements are delivered fresh from the latest 10-k filings simply by modifying a stock ticker symbol. In the image below we’ve then calculated a variety of leverage, liquidity, profitability, growth and coverage ratios from this information. Because all of the information in “Financial Statements” updates with every new filing, our customers can even dream up their own ratios and statistics.
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