Happier Customers mean more referrals

Happy Customers Close Faster + Generate more referrals

Inform Customers for better decisions

Automagically create compelling comp reports with price estimates, comps, walk scores and even customized commute times. Serve your customers better!

Close More Deals

We bring together all the stats customers need to make a decision. Faster decisions means more deals.

Get More Leads

Everyone has a sales funnel. Along with your mailing list, Odge helps you figure out which leads are the most likely to close meaning less wasted time with looky loos.

The Challenge

Leads are expensive—agents pay hundreds of dollars a month for prequalified leads many of which never pan out. Figuring out who is a likely buyer from this torrent could mean a dramatic increase in income. At the end of the day, how do you get more leads and close more deals?

The Solution

Odge takes your firehose of leads and prequalifies likely buyers with information we gather from across the internet. This means you spend attention on customers, not looky loos. (We all know why they call it fishing, and not catching, after all!) We then empower you to give customers better information so they can screen opportunities faster. The result? Faster closes, happy customers and more referrals. Translated into business speak that means more income for you!