Know where to direct spend to increase yield

Sales Acceleration through Alternative Data

Hundreds of Data Channels

Global weather from Dark Sky going back a hundred years, and predictions for the future

Traffic, Real Estate & Government Stats

Anything you want, we got it! Our data marketplace brings together the best cleansed data from across the internet. No need to build custom data structures!

Did we mention finance?

And if you want to include financial information in your models, we’ve got more than you can imagine. Updated when you need it. Direct from the SEC’s Edgar, Yahoo! Finance, OpenExchange and more!

Accelerate Sales

Bigger deals
Faster sales cycles
Higher close rates
Stronger overall company revenue

The Challenge

Technology means marketers have more data about the sales funnel than ever before. Managing bleed, and increasing yield are the name of the game today. The majority of tools analyze only one facet of a marketing plan.

The Solution

Odge makes it incredibly easy to develop marketing dashboards buy combining hundreds of channels and innumerable data sets with your own internally generated information. Sometimes the answer can be right in front of us without recognition.