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Which lift up the hill?

Tahoe is the winter paradise that haunts many an office worker in the Bay Area. The exhilaration of flying down the hill, the thrill of successfully landing a jump or velvet turns through waist deep trigger both adrenaline and endorphins for the mountain obsessed. The...

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Pounded Away…

The British vote to leave the European Union is one of the biggest news stories of 2016, surpassed perhaps only by the American Presidential Election. Writing in October 2016 no one really knows what ultimate outcomes mean for Great Britain and the European Union,...

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The data on why we started Odge

A unique part of the entrepreneurial journey is telling my story; this is my first post here written in the first person, so I'm still refining my voice.   My back story My delightful journey on the internet started at The Exploratorium back when we all used Gopher...

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Although Odge remains a start-up our team has built businesses worth billions of dollars and employing thousands that touch almost everyone every day.

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